NEW! IMF-Online Edition 34 (March 2024)

Irish Medicines Formulary; the core of confident prescribing and medicines safety.

Three principles make IMF the preferred choice of leading doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses:

IMF is fully complete

IMF is Ireland-specific

IMF is 100% independent

All medicines information in a single place

Only by using the power of IMF can health professionals instantly access details for all medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland. All original brands and all generics. Biologicals, vaccines, medical devices and nutritional supplements are also included.

Irish information for Irish healthcare

The information in IMF is relevant to Ireland and the Irish healthcare system. 
Product names are those licensed in Ireland (and may be marketed by different brand names elsewhere). All prices are in Euro and reimbursement details are specific for the HSE/PCRS. Medical query contact details for the companies are relevant to practitioners calling from Ireland. Prescribing guidelines, pharmacovigilance updates and vaccine schedules are Ireland-specific.

Precise information without distraction

There are no drug advertisements in IMF. There are no opinions, only the approved license information. 
When consulting IMF, professionals are 100% confident that they are using clean, factual medicines information.
At every stage of medicines management, from prescribing and dispensing to administration and monitoring, IMF provides confidence.
Evidence-based reasons for clinical decisions that improve patient outcomes.

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